Friday, June 3, 2011


please..let bygone be bygone YANA!!!
never let what's goes around comes around..
it just make your heart be hurts..
why you still thinking about that??
you just waste your time of thinking about something that never seen for future..
you still young YANA..
not now..
for now..
you should only thinking about your future..
open your eyes YANA..
if you really care about your future..
your sweet dreams will comes true...
believe that..
don't ever turn back anymore..
just go forward...
go for the shining rainbow there.......
the rainbow that always waiting for you....


i'm so tired..
tired of lying..
lying myself..
from day to day..
really2 hurts..
arghhhh!! ihate my silly life!!
miss "no way its all good"

So cool in lying!!
i tried!! tired!!!
but i try too hard!!!
it's waste of my time!!!
Why do i do that??
Why do i do that?

p/s:broken english :(

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