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Already 30th January of 2012 :) Times go so fast. Times changes,people changes right??
Hee..actually i have no idea to update my blog right now..just to fill my boring time and make my first updates to 2012..Haa..yeah..2012??what happen ya? My first final exam for my first year in degree already done and i don't want to talk about that. I hope i didn't get the scary result soon..hope so..plez pray for my best okey.. 
urm..what else?? ... next sem me n my housemates need to move for another rent far,i'll have same housemates but my roommate move to her friends house..i don't think i need new one..hee...and really hope the owner not looking for the new one..please.. And now...i'm have my holiday for just one month i think..after final,i'm going to my eldest sister's house at Selayang for 6 ny dearest niece...Athirah Nur Syafiqah...:D My sis take me hang out with her around KL and Shah Alam..actually,our usual port not the shopping mall but anywhere that have best meal,we are there!!hahaha..we love to eat so much!!Sate kajang is the best!! Chinese new year...we go to i-City..that was my first time reach beatiful...but,enough for once time only reach there..i don't think to go there anymore.hee...and now,i currently at home...Terengganu...home sweet another sis will get married soon..25 of February 2012 :) i'll get my new brother in law soon..and i have my MUET test on 20/2 and 3/3....seriously i'm not ready...hope everything gonna be okey soon :) Wish me luck ya!

very bad right my writting?? :(


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