After i struggle for a terrible day last monday just for an interview, Alhamdulillah, i got the job... but at the end, i decided to reject that offer because of a  certain problem .. so now i think why i decided to attend  that interview since me myself not sure to work or not for that position at that place? My attitude that not think first, make me very tired, waste my money and my waste my time.. that is negative side .. In positive thought, Alhamdulillah i got interview experience and i success for that interview ..at least i know i'm not that useless like i think before.. In Shaa Allah , i will take that knowledge with me and improve myself to much better for the next interview.. Now, just focus for the work that exactly for me. i know HIM had planned  better for me.. Thanks for my family, my best friend and everyone that help me much and endless support .. i'm so lucky to have person like u in my life ..tq.. #heart #fate


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